Oikos Bulgaria, 20 successful years together

For the 20th Anniversary of OIKOS BG, the historical Oikos partner in Bulgaria chose the Sofia History museum as the location in which to celebrate this important occasion.

The grand ceremony saw the presence of the president of Oikos, Claudio Balestri, who wanted to personally greet the numerous architects, partners and friends who have seen the evolution of Oikos BG in these 20 years of hard work and commitment on the market. For the event, Oikos donated the ecological paints of the new Tiepolo collection designed by Giulio Cappellini for the renovation of the museum.

In his speech to those present, the president highlighted  the incredible developments and changes that have taken place in the country over these 20 years, announcing at the same time, that also in Bulgaria, we will be moving forward with the "re-evolution Oikos", an innovative project that will see a lot of new things brought to the market over the next few months.

Speaking to the press, the president of Oikos gave a preview of some of things that will be coming:

“form the walls of the National Museum in Brera, to the Sofia History Museum, Tiepolo, the new collection of natural, ecological materials, continues to travel across the globe. Soon the official presentation will take place in Bulgaria and already Tomorrow, at Moscow design week, the president will be together with architect Cappellini for the official presentation”.

A commitment to collaboration that continues to give great satisfaction and success.

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