Training. A key element for Oikos.

A delegation of the top technicians from Belarus came to visit the Oikos headquarters to participate in a refresher training course on the latest techniques for using its products.

Training is one of the key elements in the Oikos career development pathway and indeed the company is committed to constantly promoting opportunities for closely studying the theoretical and practical elements of its work to both its Italian and foreign partners.

The Belarusian market is a historical one for the company which, for over 20 years has been the ambassador of fine Italian production in Minsk and in the other main cities of the country.

During the event, the delegates were also given a tour of the company so that they could see close-up the areas dedicated to the research and development of the colours and textures that Oikos has been producing for over 30 years, with a careful focus on the environment, sustainability and technical quality.

The guests were also treated to more than their fair share of socialising too, as they were given the opportunity to taste the characteristic local fine food and wine, another all-Italian speciality that Oikos wanted to share with the group.

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