ecological paint since 1984


A range of paints and decorative coatings for interior surfaces and walls that combines ecology with the best of Italian interior design.


Enamels Interiors/Exteriors

"Eco-friendly enamels for all surfaces: solutions for DIY, restoration, and hobbies, formaldehyde-free, eco-friendly, zero VOC, Toy-Friendly, and antibacterial."



A line of eco-friendly, high-performance, and innovative paints and solutions for facades and exteriors that ensure a new and long life to the extenal envelope of every building.


Custom Service

Oikos not only creates high-quality products that respect the environment and human health, but also offers a tailored service to create the perfect solution for you.

Claudio Balestri

Oikos is led by its founder and current President


Knowing, being informed, staying updated on the latest news about Oikos ecological paint and the events involving it.
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Academy Oikos

Training, informing, transferring our knowledge for the growth of professionals. We don't want our wealth of experiences and knowledge to remain within the company; our intention is to pass it on to those who want to work at their best, caring for the environment and people's health.

This is one of the primary objectives of our Academy: designed to create culture, generate value, train color and decoration professionals, and become the reference point for ecological solutions aimed at well-being and sustainability.

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