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Ecological enamel for all surfaces

Solutions for DIY, restoration and hobbies, made of water and pigments, no polluting or toxic elements. So you can give new life to your objects without breathing harmful substances.

Protect who you love.
Use antibacterial ecological enamel.

Antibacterial enamels

HeiQ Viroblock inhibits the growth of microbes, germs and bacteria on surfaces.

Without Formaldehyde

The entire Novalis range is free of harmful and carcinogenic substances.

Suitable for Toys

Choose Toy Safety certified enamels to protect the little ones.

The best enamels for renovation and restoration

From Oikos' ecological experience, discover water-based ecological solutions. Enamels to protect, restore, renew and color objects giving them a second life.

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Need advice?

Restoring and building objects is a pleasure. As well as a more sustainable choice. Our technicians will help you for free and without obligation to find solutions to your needs. And if necessary, also to give you some advice on the colors and effects that we like the most!

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Better than New: Novalis!

Do you want to renew your furniture but don't know where to start? Download this guide now and find out how to change the appearance of your furniture in a simple, fast and economical way, even if it's the first time.

Ecological from
always: it's Oikos

Novalis enamels have been ecological since the day they were born, in 1996.

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Nei negozi dei nostri rivenditori in tutta Italia troverai personale qualificato a consigliarti sui nostri prodotti ecologici. In più troverai tutta la gamma di colorazioni per ogni prodotto.

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