A choice for well-being for people and the environment

The interiors we live in are mainly covered by paint, and if it contains toxic substances, we breathe them in. These substances are also emitted into the environment from exterior walls, creating further pollution. This is harmful to us and to the ecosystem. That's why, since 1984, we have chosen to produce only ecological paints without harmful components using sustainable production processes, reusing and giving new life to production and processing waste. This stance us today to support the UN 2030 agenda: the action plan for Sustainable Development.



In our reports, we do not only include numbers; we also calculate the satisfied handshakes of our customers, the associates who have appreciated us, the pride of our employees, and the satisfaction and gratitude for considering the well-being of those who use our ecological paint.



Producing only ecological paint means having chosen Nature as our main partner from the very beginning. It means knowing, respecting, and consciously using its products without the use of polluting chemicals. We are living proof that it is possible to think about business and preserve the environment. This collaboration with Nature began in 1984 and continues successfully to this day.

Agenda 2030 SDGs

The interiors we live in are largely covered by paints, and if they contain toxic substances, we breathe them in. Even from the external walls, pollutants are emitted into the environment, creating further pollution. All of this is harmful to us and the ecosystem. That's why, since 1984, we have chosen to produce only eco-friendly paints without harmful components, using sustainable production processes, reusing, and giving new life to production and processing waste. This stance leads us today to support the UN 2030 agenda: the action plan for Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Goals

Our materials


Tradition and innovation merge in our choice to use the noblest and safest raw materials. Our passion for sustainability is reflected in every product. Choose quality for the well-being of your environment.



Our certifications

At OIKOS, we know that words alone are not enough. That's why we have turned to the most reputable organizations to certify our way of working and our respect for environment and people.

System certifications ISO 9001 - ISO 14001

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)


Indoor Air Emissions



Hemp Thermal Insulation

Oikos Exterior division, after years of research and experimentation, has developed a solution to have 100% eco-friendly hemp thermal insulation. An innovative proposal that allows the external surfaces of buildings to breathe and ensure well-being for the people living inside. Hemp is a natural material with a rapid and completely sustainable crop cycle, which allows for high thermal insulation of walls.

Multidecor Skin: the quintessence of modernity.

From Oikos research emerges Multidecor Skin, the new generation of decorative: matte, imperceptible, ecological. Ecology, contemporaneity, and Made in Italy innovation. The surface, like skin, transforms the space of architectures. The textural effects and colors of Multidecor Skin interact with the walls and the environment, people and objects, colors and space. An innovative aesthetic declined in matte finish for multiple interior design solutions.

303 Scented BioPaint

A scented interior paint with excellent washability and breathability. It has a regenerating effect on surfaces renewing the appearance of walls in interior spaces. White 303 Scented BioPaint is ideal to be used in spaces that are subject to the presence of steam. Its pleasant fragrance makes it ideal for refreshing spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, studies, offices, even for walls that are already painted walls.

Universal Ecosmalto Ecosmalto for ceramics

Ecoshabby is the first set of enamels with antibacterial technology, which provides surfaces with effective and long-lasting protection against microbes, germs, and bacteria. Solvent-free and free from harmful compounds, it is available in many colors and various finishes. Enjoy changing the looks of objects without compromising your well-being.

Energy Self-sufficiency

Nature provides mankind with all the resources it needs. Energy self-sufficiency is a feasible challenge; it just requires adopting appropriate and environmentally friendly solutions. OIKOS has always looked to the future, studying solutions to protect the environment and promote energy sustainability.

Corporate Welfare Plan

Well-being is among the aspects of life that influence the actions we take every day. Feeling good about ourselves helps us feel good about others, and consequently make the right choices. OIKOS cares about the well-being of everyone.

Technological Innovation

To respond promptly to market demands, one must keep pace with the times. At OIKOS, we use high-performance raw materials, choosing them from the ones that most align with our values, placing health for humans and respect for nature at the center.

CO2 Emissions Reduction

Since 1984, OIKOS has chosen to follow a very specific path, fully embracing the theme of reducing emissions. The search for new products is meticulously studied, with our quality starting from the choice of raw materials certified by processes with reduced CO2 emissions, sourced from natural and renewable sources.

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